The Value of Hawai‘i

Teaching Resources

Some useful links helpful in exploring general issues around the essays and card-building

Civil Beat Resources on The Value of Hawai‘i

Sherman Alexie’s Poem ”Tourists.” Background information on this poem.

Aloha Shorts Podcast of Kāmau (See Local Plays #1, February 22)

Kent den Heyer’s Page.

Ulukau: The Hawaiian Electronic Library


Score Card form for “Seeing the Value” card game

This handy form can help players keep track of moves in the game: VH Card Score form


The following include some teaching resources for “Lifting the Lid: Examining Race and Ethnicity” featured lesson on the Teach page–

Some local news articles helpful in asking students to think about Race and Ethnicity in Hawai‘i:

Some suggested reading to go with the “Race and Ethnicity” featured lesson

The introduction to Yobo: Korean American Writing in Hawai‘i. For more information about the book, visit Bamboo Ridge Press.

Asian Settler Colonialism, especially the essay titled “Settlers of Color and ‘Immigrant’ Hegemony: ‘Locals’ in Hawaii.” For more information about the book, visit UH Press.








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