The Value of Hawai‘i

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From this page you are invited to explore the Mililani High School “Ambassador” Deck. All of these cards were created by MHS students as part of the project’s pilot efforts. All cards featuring their original writing, drawings, paintings and photographs. Click an essay topic in the right-hand column and take a look. Feel free to leave comments!
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The Arts
Climate Change
Domestic Violence
The Economy
Hawaiian Sustainability
Health and Healthcare
Historic Preservation
Law and the Courts
The Military
Public Education
Race and Ethnicity
Social Services
Sovereign Ground
Terrestrial Ecosystems
The University of Hawai’i


Like a traditional deck of cards has hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds, and Bakugan has earth, air, fire, water, light and dark, Seeing the Value has suits as well. Look at the back of any card and you will see four icons (left to right, above): a home representing lifestyle (ka nohona), an island with waves representing the land (ka ‘āina), a seal with the letter G and crown representing government (ka aupuni), and a dollar sign representing business (ka ‘ohihana).

You’ve played rock-scissor-paper before? The rules are simple. Players count to three and “throw,” revealing their choice. The winner is chosen by comparison: Rock beats scissors; scissors beats paper; paper beats rock. In the event of a tie, the players have to throw again. In Seeing the Value, cards of matching suits cannot be played against each other.

One aspect of Seeing the Value works on similar principles, but with four suits instead of three. The upper right corner of the front of the card shows the card’s suit and whether it is positive or negative in value. A negative card has only its suit icon in the corner with a minus sign next to it. A positive card has a plus sign next to its suit icon, and a list of negative cards it can be played against below it.

Positive lifestyle beats negative business and negative land
Positive land beats negative lifestyle and negative business
Positive government beats all negative cards
Positive business beats negative lifestyle and negative land
Positive land and positive lifestyle TOGETHER beats negative government

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