The Value of Hawai‘i

The Value of Hawai‘i Card Game

As a simulation of contemporary challenges and opportunities that Hawai’i faces, the Value of Hawai’i Card Game is an interactive, project-driven extension of The Value of Hawai‘i book.

The card game has been successfully piloted at Mililani High School in 2010-2011. Teachers have found the game to effectively simulate the complex processes of politics, assessment, debate, problem solving, collaboration and decision-making that occur at all levels of society. The cards are also poignant works of art that illustrate and extend the ideas in the book’s essays.

This inaugural deck represents the younger generation directly engaging with and reflecting on the thoughts of the book’s contributors, the effort of teachers who adapted the book to their curricula despite various constraints, and a general spirit of flexibility, collaboration, and innovation.
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Explore the Mililani High School “Ambassador” Deck here, to see what students came up with. You can also learn about how to read a card, and about the mechanics of the game.


Along with Goldberg’s lesson plan for the game, the Value of Hawai‘i Website features an online tool that allows users to pick an essay topic to address, upload an image, and assign it a value from -100 to 100 and an evocative accompanying slogan. The site stores and generates a ready-to-print card in a standardized format.

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For additional teaching resources that work well with both the book and the card game, visit /teach