The Value of Hawai‘i

Looking towards 2011 Legislative Session

Aloha kakou and thank you for visiting our site, reading our book, and/or being interested in discussing and taking action on some of the important issues outlined in The Value of Hawai’i. We’ve had an event-full year, full of dozen of discussion and educational events for a wide range of communities across the state. Check out our event calendar or home page for more information about the next few panel discussion events coming up at Chaminade University, one on Dec. 9 on Hawai’i prisons and the next on Jan. 13 on our public education system.

We are looking forward to more events, more discussion, and more community action next year, 2011, and also looking forward to playing an energetic role in the 2011 Legislative session. As citizens of Hawaii, what legislative issues are important to you, and what do you expect and want from our government leaders? We’d love to hear your thoughts, please email us at

We’re also proud to report that this book has been a successful teaching tool in a number of classrooms in public high schools and at the university level. We’d like to expand our teaching resource section on this website to help other teachers interested in using the book to start discussions about current events, our government, history, and the issues that matter to us. If you have any suggestions or feedback to share about using the book as a teaching tool, please let us know (again, at, and our thanks in advance for sharing your ideas and helping these discussions continue.

Finally, if you have any ideas for events for 2011 that we can help with, please tell us! We are fortunate to have such a great group of smart, articulate authors who are committed to being available for speaking at various places throughout the year. If you have an interest in a particular issue, or are interested in brainstorming ideas, let’s make it happen.

me ke aloha no–

The Value of Hawai’i Editors