The Value of Hawai‘i

The Value of Hawaiʻi 2 Volume 2

Announcing the upcoming launch of The Value of Hawai‘i 2: Ancestral Roots, Oceanic Visions in April 2014.

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What do we value about Hawaii?

How did we get here? Three-and-a-half-day school weeks. Prisoners farmed out to the mainland. Tent camps for the migratory homeless. A blinkered dependence on tourism and the military for virtually all economic activity. The steady degradation of already degraded land. Contempt for anyone employed in education, health, and social service. An almost theological belief in the evil of taxes.

At a time when new leaders will be elected, and new solutions need to be found, the contributors to The Value of Hawai‘i outline the causes of our current state and offer points of departure for a Hawai‘i-wide debate on our future.

Read co-editor Craig Howes’ intro to The Value of Hawai’i for free. Download the Introduction (PDF).

We are grateful to those who came before us. Read some of the books (as free PDFs below) that paved the way for The Value of Hawai’i, and tell us what you think.